About Us

Timber Systems has changed the landscape of heavy timber construction in Canada through relentless innovation and commitment to value. Timber construction is our passion, and we know better than anyone how to effectively introduce the beauty of wood to your building. Whether your project is pushing the envelope of contemporary design, or reaches into more traditional styles, Timber Systems can show you how wood can make your building a masterpiece.

When you work with Timber Systems, you are making a choice to work with the pre-eminent timber fabricator in Eastern Canada. Our world-renowned reputuation has been hard-won by a skilled team led by President Gary Williams and Vice-President Christopher Williams. There is no substitute for experience, particularly in complex work – make sure you have the right player on your team by choosing Timber Systems.


Gary Williams President

Company President Gary Williams has played a leading role in the advancement of Canadian timber construction for more than 40 years. He serves as chair of the Technical Committee of the CSA Standard O86 “Engineering Design in Wood”, and is a principal author of the Canadian Wood Design Manual published by the Canadian Wood Council. He was named as the first Ontario WoodWORKS “Wood Champion” in 2002. As well as serving on a number of other timber related code committees , he speaks regularly at industry events and lectures at academic venues around the world.

Christopher Williams, P.Eng., MBA
Christopher Williams, P.Eng., MBA Vice President

Vice President and Engineering Manager Christopher Williams has worked on thousands of timber projects in both domestic and export markets, many of them award-winning. With that wide experience, he is able to quickly assess the structural timber options available and find the best choice for budget, appearance, and performance.